Inspired by creation, motivated by design, driven by intrigue, Rosa Van Parys’ jewelry line is personal and edgy. Rosa boasts a unique background as an artist, an architect and a designer and her passion in the process manifests into unique and highly appreciated pieces.


Raised in South America, studied in Europe and the U.S. she currently resides in Southern California, constantly breaking boundaries and crossing borders in her life as

well as her designs.




Rosa Van Parys is a fine jewelry line, crafted in Los Angeles, exceptionally designed by the namesake, Rosa Van Parys.

Each piece is masterfully conceptualized, evaluated with purpose, and brought to life with intent. The collection is timelessly on trend, distinguishing a coveted position amongst luxury clientele.


Made from the best quality elements from around the world, every piece holds one-of-a-kind characteristics and a worldly sense of being. From the depths of the Tahitian ocean to the mines of Brazil and Colombia, the origin of Rosa Van Parys designs is deep rooted and special. Praised as unique, expressed as investment-worthy, and quickly gaining notoriety, this is a jewelry line worn by some, applauded by all.


"My collection is designed for the woman who is empowered, daring, sexy and strong. The woman with discerning taste and style, the woman who is constantly seeking for timeless elegance but wants to remain edgy.”